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Get a crack whore, give her twenty dollars, go down on her for 45 minutes, ensure that you ask for nothing in return, repeat.
I was trying to kick a conversion when I saw Dan doing a Coakley behind the posts...thats' not how i roll
by Buckins April 11, 2006
if a girl brings you back to her gaff and promises you everything but doesn't put out when you get back...next morning take a shit into a piece of tinfoil, put it into the grill, turn it on high, walk out of the house chortling at your own ingenuity.
Jonny: Did you get the ride off that slag last nite?
Buckins: No, she wouldn't put out
Jonny: What a bitch, she was acting like such a slut all nite.
Buckins: Ya, its ok though, left her with a roquefort rib eye.
Jonny: Genius.
by buckins May 07, 2006
sit backwards on the toilet and let out a massive dump, works much better on u.k toilets with the little bit of water in the bottom,not the ones with the water to near the top.
the house party was crap and i didn't like the attitude of the ginger bitch who lived there, so i left her with a brown piste to clean up
by buckins May 07, 2006
gettin a crack whore, goin down on her for 45 minutes, givin her twenty bucks, ensure you ask for nothing in return. leave
butters had a horrible rash on his mouth after doing a coakley
by Buckins April 18, 2006
an uncontrollable urge to make love to roadkill
bam "la bam'd" the shit out of that badger
by buckins July 31, 2006
to coax an old homeless bitch up to your apartment for sex in exchange for a mars bar, you must have sex with boxing gloves on. to communicate with her use her notepad, because of course, she is deaf and mute. alright
i was stuck for a ride so i went for the old piedmontero , i am itching like a mofo, but i kept her notepad as a momento
by buckins May 07, 2006
to eat out fat girls assholes constantly, working from the far side of the shit flecked asshole forward to the front of her cheesy rashers
vince the head gasket is always half mooning boxrots shit caked asshole, thats why he's always so happy
by buckins July 18, 2006

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