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another attempt by greedy men in suits to cash in on something. Basically "Christian Rock" is just another product that is pushed to be sold by men in suits sitting behind desks who are saying, "You stupid Christian youth, this is your music". Another product to be sold, conning you out of your money. Most Christian Rock has rock trappings but the melodies and song structures are lame, derivative and not very original or exciting. The lyrics are usually preachy, pompous, overbearing and propagandistic. True songwriters write from the heart, not according to some format or formula. If you want to hear entertaining rock'n'roll that covers themes that Christians can relate to, there is plenty of it. U2 is an excellent example, they ROCK. Also, Pink Floyd, Genesis, the Ramones, the Beatles, Rush, Peter Gabriel and many other big name acts cover mature topics, yes, even with religious references and inspiration. Jesus can be found in everything, if you look hard enough.
Christian rock ain't nothing but propaganda for right wing fundies who care about the "message" more the music. It ain't really too different, in that aspect, from so-called Nazi rock. It's just propaganda, a product. Most of it is really just lame "adult" pop anyway. "You Light Up My Life" is one of the most goopy and hideous pieces of trash to ever hit the charts and airwaves. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is a great slab of "Jesus rock" because it comes from the HEART, like rock'n'roll is supposed to do in the first place.
by Buckeye Starrider May 21, 2007
a gabfest on early morning TV for middle-aged and older women who are famous who talk about politics, gossip, everything but their men and the power of their dicks. Sometimes the hosts get obnoxious and argue with each other.
I was waiting in the doctor's office and the stupid TV had nothing on but the View. That show ain't nothing but a glorified Tupperware party for celebrity bitches.
by Buckeye Starrider June 11, 2007
quite simply, punk rock is a restoration of the original rebellious youth attitude and simple fundamentals of expession in rock'n'roll music that was first expressed in the 50s by the giants like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis (especially in his personal life), and others, as opposed to the clean cut image of some of the pop stars that were dominant at the time. In the mid-60s there was the Velvet Underground who influenced punk by their lyrical themes and feedback and more. Then came what are now considered to be the protopunk bands, who took the practice of pushing the envelope that British bands like the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks initiated to even greater lengths in terms of sound, image and rebellious attitude (the Stooges, the MC5, and many other bands). The term "punk rock" possibly was first used by rock critic Dave Marsh in a rockmag in the early 70s to describe the sound of ? and the Mysterians. An independent movement in rock developed as a reaction because the music had become corporate, pompous, bloated, pretentious, artsy-fartsy, and along with Top 40 pop, just plain cruddy and stupid. Bands started playing their songs short, to the point, loud, and fast, often a three-chord arrangement in accordance with the idiom KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). The name "punk rock" was applied to this independent movement in rock, the movement was and still a rebellion against the prevailing fads and trends. It has greatly influenced popular music in the 80s decade and beyond, spawning nascent movements like speed metal, new wave, postpunk, grunge and more in terms of style, sound, image, attitude and much more. Punk rock is anti-corporate, anti-establishment, anti-system and anti-conformity. Current bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte are NOT punk rock because they don't really have the original rebellious rock'n'roll spirit, gist or attitude of individuality. Music has gotten so corporate now that we very badly need another rock revolution like punk and we need it fast, before rock's just part of the past. Cuz lately it just sounds the same to me... (all due respect to the Ramones).
The Ramones are often considered to be the first actual punk rock band as we know it. This legendary band from Forest Hills, Queens, the Big Apple were greatly influenced by American garage rock bands, the British Invasion, the Beach Boys and girl groups. I saw them four times before they called it quits in 1996. VIVA RAMONES!
by Buckeye Starrider May 04, 2007
an excellent rock/pop duo from Sweden that scored hits around the world in the late 80s to the mid 90s. They play a kind of sunny, playful, happy pop-rock that you just don't hear on the radio or see on the music video networks anymore.
Roxette scored many hits. 4 of them went to #1 in the U.S.A.. They were "She's Got the Look", "Listen to Your Heart", "It Must Have Been Love" (from the stupid movie "Pretty Woman"), and "Joyride" (catch that neat whistling). Other hits were the catchy "Dangerous", "Crash! Boom! Bang!", and "How Do You Do!".
by Buckeye Starrider June 16, 2007
a really overhyped bad show, where pretty boys and PYTs get their famous 15 minutes attempting to sing on TV and in most cases, prove that they have absolutely no talent whatsoever. The whole contest is rigged up, the lousiest contestants are purposely kept in the contest for a period of time just to rile up viewers' passions to motivate them to call up and say that the lousy contestant sucks big time. Those who do have any measure of talent at all, winner or not, sometimes get a recording contract and are set up with hack songwriters and producers who put together the "Idol"s first album, which is a pile of trash - IOW, whatever talent there may be is completely wasted. American Idol sucks.
American Idol is a lot like Star Search, a "talent search" TV program of the Eighties that seemed to have all the chumps performing on it.
by Buckeye Starrider May 04, 2007
an evil chainstore run by the Devil, where workers toil for pissant wages, work long hours without credit, get no benefits, work non-union, and have to attend a bullshit "pep-talk" session at the start of every shift and chant this dumbass cheer every fucking day. WalMart wants to drive everyone else out of business and control the world's economy. WalMart is popular among hypochristians (so-called "conservative Christians") for some particular reason, so you know WalMart is up to no good. They have the slogan "Bringing it All Home to the U.S.A." but almost all their products sold are from China, where good American jobs are going to and where worker's rights and safety as well as environmental protection standards are disregarded. Also, their music CDs have to be "clean" - none with Parental Advisory stickers are sold at the stores. This is an endorsement of censorship, which is UN-AMERICAN. Their prices ain't really any lower than anyone else's. That logo happy face needs to have a bullet shot into its forehead. Do your shopping at some other store like Meijers or Target instead.
I'd rather work for Satan than work for WalMart. And that's the TRUTH.
by Buckeye Starrider May 05, 2007
the wave of excessive bullshit that dominated everything during the fucking PC 90s, especially the second half. In 1993, ABC TV aired a special on angels, chiefly because New Age freaks decided that they believed in them. It gave "details" of supposed "encounters" with angels by people who wanted to make some easy money and their Warholian famous 15 minutes. Soon after that "prophecy" shows appeared on TV to fool the gullible and uninformed, and using superstitions, misread readings, scientifically unsound theories and outright lies. The angel fad didn't abate, CBS put out "Touched by an Angel" to feed the heat-of-the-moment sentiments, the up-to-that-point good country band Alabama put out the trend-chasing crap song "Angels Among Us", and angel pins and other angel-themed merchandise was sold. Cha-ching!. In 1996 Comet Hyakutake graced our skies with a spectacular showing. After that it happened again with the wonderful Comet Hale-Bopp. Many cults and sects appeared out from under the woodpile, and many people commited suicide en masse, particularly in the Order of the Solar Temple, Heaven's Gate and more. When the aforementioned comets came close to the Earth, much doom-saying was made and ignorance was rampant. One particular cult picked up it's tents and settled outside the city of Jerusalem to await the arrival of Jesus Christ. The comets gave an impetus for Hollywood to make some real crappy disaster-from-the-skies movies. Simply put, Jesus Christ didn't return (He will when He's ready to, not before and not when we predict it), and the universe kept on rolling.
TV, movies, the Internet, other forms of communication, clothing styles, music, culture, religion, and much more were affected by the trends of all the end-of-the-millenium bullshit that came out in the last decade of the 20th century. OK, Prince said "they say two thousand-zero-zero party over oops, out of time. So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999". But why did so many people have to take it all so literally? As we well know, it's 2007 and we're still here, for all it's worth. The end ain't gonna come until it's time for it.
by Buckeye Starrider June 17, 2007
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