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Gay ruler of where the sun don't shine.
That Colon Monarch just tore me up like a Wendy's triple decker coming out the next day.
by Buck October 19, 2003
One who dominates another mans ass.
Can you go to the gym tonight, Bob? No sorry, my ass tyrant is going to call the butt pirates over.
by Buck October 19, 2003
no offense
I don't care what you think
girl you crazy
no I'm not what you tryin to say
"I'm just sayin tho
by buck September 28, 2004
vagina in a box
your a fudbox
by buck August 20, 2003
Stoners/wreckheads, more commonly found in North Wales, expression of greetings/welcome/hello. Slang'er' term of the slang for hello - Hey yo.
H'yo Dac, sup? - translation - Greetings David, how are you today?
by Buck March 14, 2005
Slang for guitar, otherwise used to describe string instruments.
Originated from a small village in North Wales known as Llanfa' (short for Llanfairfechan).
H'yo Stoiv, mind if I 'ave a go on your spangly'ding
by Buck March 14, 2005
1. Teko pronounced Tek-kore meaning something that is crap, shit, stink,
2. or can be used to describe some one who is lying or not telling the truth.
Kiwi in origin
1. "got some wheels but the motor was Teko".
2. "said you had a score but you're all Teko".
by Buck June 13, 2003

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