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a pice of crap, usually a "car" that has two or more of these qualitys
(1) been crashed and never been to a body shop,
(2)rusted everywhere,
(3) painted with a paintbrush,
(4) home-drawn flames on the side,
(5) has faggidy rims,
(6) a wooden spoiler made in the back yard and nailed to the trunk,
(7) has racing numbers even though it couldnt be possible to race,
(8) a fake engine blower nailed to the hood
my dad's neihbor is a fool and has a MAJOR hoopdie my dad calls it the hoopdy-mobile
by Bubba2x4 April 16, 2009
when you poop or fart and you butt hole burns. not like tempature, but like hot sauce on your tounge, or when you throw up and it goes up your nose. like that exept on your butthole.
guy 2: EWW that was a wet one! wasnt it?!
guy 2: what?
guy 1: it feels like i just farted out jalapinos!
guy 2: omg...
by Bubba2x4 February 15, 2009
Something you do to keep yourself from giving in to the urge to watch porn. Common anti-porns are video games, LOLcats, and getting a life.
The other day, i stumbled onto a dirty website, and almost began to fap. i had to break out my anti-porn to stay decent.
by Bubba2x4 May 29, 2010
it is like a drive-by exept without a car and with rubber bands instead of guns. often preformed at schools as a way of getting revenge
person 1: you jacked my pen!
person 2: what you gonna do about it?
person 1: Ima do a run by at you locker!
person 2: OH GOD! Ok fine have it back!
persons 2&3: lol
by Bubba2x4 February 09, 2009
iz kirby duh sometimes used to exprees wanting something (kirby is reaching for something) usually food
ooh! doughnuts!!! (>`.`)>
by bubba2x4 September 08, 2008
rolls of fatness. called jelly rolls because they jiggle like jelly. it is rumored that someone REALLY fat could hide food amoung their jelly rolls.
guy 1: OOH! look at that fat kid over there!
guy 2: wow! thats a lot of jelly rolls!
guy 1: i bet he has a burger and frys stashed away between them!
by Bubba2x4 February 15, 2009
a old lady (or man) that is afraid of the world that they live in.
they usually try to hide away from everything in there own little bubble.

Guy 1: that lady is so mean.
Guy 2: yeah, she is such a shellperson
Guy 1:your right. she never leaves her house and screams at people over nothing.
by Bubba2x4 February 08, 2009

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