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Most likely a homosexual. Known for having a small penis.
Whoa-dayz you acting like a branum right now
by Bubb Rubb October 17, 2003
Up and coming rap star and general celebrity, sidekick of Bubb Rubb. Famous for the WooWoo Remix, one of the hottest joints on the scene. Last seen on KRON News being interviewed about whistle tips.
Excerpt from WooWoo Remix:

The...whistles go woooo, woooo, woooo...the...whistles go woooo, woooo, woooo...Yeah, I gots one on my car...
by bubb rubb April 06, 2004
The most jubilant day typically in projects & trailer parks
Man, can you buy me a 40 & a pack of Kool's? I'll get you back on the 1st of the month.
by Bubb Rubb October 22, 2003
Fighting style found mostly in hispanic areas
"Judo know if I have a gun, Judo know if I have a knife"
by Bubb Rubb October 22, 2003
A maker of computer memory.
I seem to recall hearing about a company named Kentron who was adding a new twist. Using DDR.
by Bubb Rubb February 21, 2003
Originally: Do you know what I mean. Bastardized to "Yahmeen"
Hey yo, Lets go rob that liquor store, Yahmeen?
by Bubb Rubb October 17, 2003
pornographic material; to be used in the presence of parents or those whom you don't want to know about your porn viewing
Hey man, that was some nice p0 last night.
by Bubb Rubb October 18, 2003
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