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A thin mustache that many mexicans have.
(some times peach fuzz)
Yo nigga you growing a spic stache.

Look at that mexican with the spic stache.
by bu April 02, 2005
to bogle with alcohol on board
me and sasha were rum boglin' last night
by bu July 20, 2004
Anyone who acts/feels like Johhny WonderButt for a time.
Damn, I was WonderBu last night!
by Bu October 25, 2003
It means whatever the fuck Bu wants it to mean at the present moment. Can also be followed by a 'to that'. Whenever the 'to that' is used, you are owned extremely bad.
Oh my god Zac Ross is a fag!!! BOYYYIE to that!
by Bu January 03, 2005
(1) A knanker nickname
(2) The drug marijhuna
(3) Your boyfriend
Im goin now to smoke da bu
by Bu August 16, 2003
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