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A Jew Rat or Deerty Jew Rat is the term given to jewish people who are frequently scouring the city streets and sewers for any quarters they can find.

"Hey look shelia, look at the bloody bum goin through the bin for scraps" Oh no it's a Jew Rat, see the quarter that Jew Rat just found.

God dam those jews will do anything for a quarter!!!!!
by BTG1769 February 22, 2008
Dirty Arab is the term given to arab oil barons who live extravengent lifestyles contrasting to their poor slave workers.
Generally dirty arab people live in Duabi, drive luxury cars, own palaces, degrade women, wear silk turbans and marry slutty women who will do anything for a buck.

While there slave workers live in derelict conditions, recive minimal pay and work 12hr days in 50 degree heat
by btg1769 March 04, 2008
A very strong and willing arab person that has scarified his life to blow buses up and incite hate upon western society
The Turbanator walks onto the bus Boooooooooooom!!!!!!
by btg1769 March 10, 2008
The South Australian capital city which is still in the 20th century. ADELAIDE is full of the scum of australian society. People are generally backwards, rely on government money. Adelaide has no tall buildings and resembles a mid western American city.
Adelaide citizen:"Dude wot is dat device?"

Tourist: "Im from sydney and this is a mobile phone. Everyone has one!!!"

Adelaidfe citizen: "well no. we don't even have phones yet in adelaide"
by btg1769 March 10, 2008
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