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a victorian bushranger (early gangsta) who killed people, robbed banks and did many bad things and is classed as a hero in australian history
damn you steal from the rich and kkep it for yourslef your like a modern day Ned Kelly
by btf'07' December 22, 2007
a show on MTV that is similar to jackass but done by poms who do worse and sicker stunts
guy1: hey a whatched jackass 2 the other night it almost made me puke
guy2: whatch an episode of dirty sanchez and then talk to me
by btf'07' December 22, 2007
1.to be tired
2.to have eaten so much you became stuffed
3.if someone its being a tool you simply say "get stuffed" instead of get fucked.
1. "i just had a 4 hour long session with my missus im stuffed"
2. "i ate that whole chritmas turkey im stuffed"
3. Tool: hey asshole get the hell of my wife.
You: get stuffed
by btf'07' December 20, 2007
when some one has been playing guitar hero for so long on expert they think the are a real guitar hero but really if you gave them a real guitar it would sound like a cat drowning whan they played
guy1: hey i just did 'dragonforce' 'throught the fire and the flames' on guitar hero 3 on expert 100%

guy2: wow really have a go on my les paul special

guy1: ok sweet *picks up guitar* *&$$&%#^%^#^&^(*$%$#@#$7 *plays horibble*

guy 2: put my guitar down the the hell outta my house and never speak to me again, buy a real guitar and get over your guitar hero syndrome u noob ass-raper
by btf'07' December 20, 2007
beats x infinty even though infinity means never ending.
guy1:your gay x infinity
guy2:you gay x infinity + 1
guy1:that's impossible you jackass
by btf'07' December 22, 2007
a sweet-ass song by the band motorhead which is fronted by the legendary "sex god" lemmy
i was listening to sharpshooter last night it rocked
by btf'07' December 21, 2007
a gay phrase used by nerds who play first-person shooting games, when playing and they shoot someone in the head they get excited and say BOOOOOM HEADSHOOOT!!!
nerd2134:(takes aim at players head and fires)
n00blet69: darn you got me
nerd2134: BOOM HEADSHOT!!1
n00blet69:get a life that isn't in a computer land assfuker
nerd2134:w00t owned pwned stfu
by btf'07' December 22, 2007

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