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to eat, sleep, drink, live and die a University of Kentucky Basketball fan.

a disease that has infected thousands upon thousands of people across the United States, as well as people on other continents.
Greg: Whoa, I never knew Sherry was into basketball that much.
Jay: Dude, Sherry eats, sleeps, drinks, lives and dies UK Basketball, she definitely bleeds blue!
by Btchalorette July 13, 2011
guy who thinks that he's God's gift to women and a cassanova but when in reality he's an ass
Tonia: Girl did you see Jim strutting his stuff outside the Platinum Gold bar?

Stephanie: Yeah, he thinks he's hot but he's really an assanova!
by btchalorette July 30, 2011
drama loving person, one who thrives on the constant upset of lifes surprises, person who loves to argue and bicker
by Btchalorette January 29, 2012
a person who is pale or white as a ghost
Janet: I really need to get a tan, I'm so white!

Patty: Girl, you're not white, you're casperesque!
by btchalorette July 30, 2011
a person whom regularly commits the act of making a typo, usually in a chatroom setting.
TheRollingDice3: What wuld be the best way of flieing from NJ to Fl?

Btchalorette: Dice, please learn how to spell and type, I'm tired of you Typo Terrorist that don't know how to use spell check!
by Btchalorette October 08, 2011
lady of ill repute from Canada, prostitute, hooker from Canada, canadian whore
Wow! Teri, that canooker, made $500 in an hour on the corner of Ontario and Elk drive in Mississauga last night.
by Btchalorette July 20, 2011
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