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The forming of you hands to look like hand guns, followed closely by the ridiculous movement of your hands back and forth to repeatedly point at someone. This will normally be done at the end of a bad joke and performed by someone who lacks social skills pointing to the person who they failed at making fun of.
Stephen- Nice slippers
Aaron- Their Moccasins
Stephen- Oh, well i'll just have to 'mock' you more then. <does da guns while speaking>
Aaron- <stares down stephen>
Stephen- <quietly walks away in shame>
#hand gestures #guns #geek #shame #pathetic
by bsaxbuc March 16, 2007
1) a condition in which you can not escape the ability to say the most awkward thing at the most awkward moments

2) a person who commonly ruins their own dignity by saying or doing something awkward constantly
1) oh man, i sure feel sorry that he has defren. he used to be kinda cool.

2) that dude is such a defren, why can't he just act cool for one day?
#geek #awkward #shame #embarassment #uncool
by bsaxbuc March 21, 2007
While a girls going down on you, tell her you gotta go take a piss. While your gone, pull out a bottle of tabasco sauce and put it on your testicles then tell her to suck on your sack, and watch her flip out. Oh btw, DONT TELL HER YOUR DOING THIS!!!
yea, she had a spicy meat-a-ball last night. she had no clue i was gonna give it to her.
#bj #blow job #ball sack #sex joke #hot sauce
by bsaxbuc February 27, 2008
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