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2 definitions by bs914570sc

A blanket whore is someone who insists on having more than half the bed covers when they should be shared evenly. Also derived from the blanket whore; Pillow whore, someone who will make sure they have the majority of the pillows when getting into bed with their partner.
1. Shanon was such a blanket whore that it only took 15 minutes before Ben had no sheets on his side of the bed. 2. There are 6 pillows but Ben is being a pillow whore and will only let Shanon use 2 of them!
by Bs914570Sc September 13, 2009
When a guy is craving a certain type of food but cannot decide what exactly he wants so he gets one of everything.
Ben knew he wanted something sweet but when he got to the vending machine he couldn't make up his mind. He felt very man pregnant so he got some M&Ms, chips, pretzles and candy.
by bs914570sc September 16, 2009