2 definitions by bryant gumbal's frontbum

an erotic act in which a female parts the hairs of the recipient's anus and then places their chin into the anal cavity, making it appear as though they have a french mustache.
"dude did you see that girl i hooked up with last night she was hot"
"she was all right, but didnt it bother you that she had a cleft pallet"
"not really she gave me a french dennis and i couldnt see it, she kinda looked like cap'n crunch"

"hey cecil how was your weekend?"
"you wouldnt belive it, bernice gave me a french dennis, then we watched spanglish while wearing davey crockett hats and 3-D goggles"
by bryant gumbal's frontbum October 23, 2007
an analy endused orgasm
dude, i was watching Walker texas ranger last night with my autistic sister and that black guy made me have an analgasm...i think my sister had one too, who knows...shes autistic
by bryant gumbal's frontbum October 23, 2007

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