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1. the elite. combining a post-hipster intelligence monopoly with gritty street cred.
"i dig the rizzap, but i'm not fascist about it."
by brusky January 20, 2005
1. heroin. etym: intravenous users (junkies) refer to their addiction or injection vein as their "tapeworm."
2. genitalia.
3. insult. etym: derisive term for disdained person, whether junky, clingy, or obsessive.
3. compliment. etym: endearing term for a loyal friend. akin to the expression ,"you'll be the death of me."
"my tapeworm tells me what to do..." - System of a Down
by brusky October 03, 2004
n. informal reference to Leonardo da Vinci.
v. to hack or grok.
n 1. Da Vinci was a genius of the Enlightenment.
n 2. "I da vinci my muthafuken way through school."
by brusky April 15, 2005

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