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An abstract conceptualization of a curb, for use on the internet.
"Bring me some bacon donuts, or I'll kick you to the eCurb!"
#curb #ecommerce #pwned #pwn #kick
by brucix April 03, 2008
To be scammed by someone, primarily for political or financial purpose, resulting in considerable losses for the victim.
"Mary Kate totally snowdogged us on that deal."
by brucix February 15, 2005
A Flintstones vitamin.
Yesterday I got two Red Bettys.
#vitamin #betty #red #flintstones #chewable
by brucix August 09, 2011
Slang term for a woman's ass and crotch area.
"But Ryan," said Britney, "EVERYONE has already seen MY bowl."
by brucix April 18, 2005
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