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A complete and utter moron lacks common sense and brain cells. Has the equivalent brain mass of a rooster.

Considers monkey wrench to be a sexual reference.

Constantly eats llama meat.
"Your such a Gillian Mitchell."
by BruceWayne October 22, 2012
a lesbian.

Subaru's early 90's campaign slogan "It's Not A Choice, It's The Way We're Built," was specifically targeted towards the U.S. gay community. Subaru has been so successful at attracting gay customers that some drivers consider themselves members of a "club," in which fellow Subaru owners share an implied message behind their cars' brand.

For several years, Subaru advertising has targeted gays, partially through its support of the Rainbow Card program, a Visa card that generates money to support AIDS research and other gay-related causes.
"So I was at the cafe down the street and in walk these two women, they wouldn't give me the time of day -- Definitely Subaru Drivers."
by brucewayne March 18, 2005

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