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Net abbreviation for "Weekend".

See also Yesday, Tomora & Nxt Wk.
Catch you at the Wkend!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
A person of Chinese origin who acts or tries to be like a Black person.
1. Yo! ma "Chigger", how's it going?
2. Check out those "Chiggers" over there!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
Net Abbreviation for "Sorry".
Soz, was dc!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
Net abbreviation for "Next Week".

See also Yesday, Tomora & Wkend.
Catch yous nxt wk!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
Japanese video-games company made famous for it's Street Fighting games such as SF2, SF3, SFZero/Alpha etc and it's much acclaimed horror survival game Resident Evil/Bio-Hazard series.

They have also created Dino Crisis and Omnimusha series as well as creating exclusive Resident Evil series for Nintendo's Game Cube: Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 (Zero).
Capcom are veterans of the video-gaming industry.
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
Expression, used commonly amongst the black community and wannabe's such as Ali-G, said DJ's and Craig David.
Yo, check this MP3 player out! Is the finest of the line, just ripped outta a pink Chevrolet! Bo-Selector!!!! - BO!!!!
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
An abbreviation for eaten.
No, I haven't e10 yet, but I'm extremely peckish, I could grub a horse!
by Bruce Lee September 15, 2004

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