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63 definitions by bruce lee

Orgasmically in awe, shocked, surprised, almost to the point of ejaculation.
Chris Tarrant was extremely elated after seeing his little dinghy a-float.
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
40 32
Net abbreviation for "Weekend".

See also Yesday, Tomora & Nxt Wk.
Catch you at the Wkend!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
6 0
A person of Chinese origin who acts or tries to be like a Black person.
1. Yo! ma "Chigger", how's it going?
2. Check out those "Chiggers" over there!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
11 6
Net abbreviation for "Next Week".

See also Yesday, Tomora & Wkend.
Catch yous nxt wk!
by Bruce Lee April 04, 2003
3 0
Expression, used commonly amongst the black community and wannabe's such as Ali-G, said DJ's and Craig David.
Yo, check this MP3 player out! Is the finest of the line, just ripped outta a pink Chevrolet! Bo-Selector!!!! - BO!!!!
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
7 4
An abbreviation for eaten.
No, I haven't e10 yet, but I'm extremely peckish, I could grub a horse!
by Bruce Lee September 15, 2004
8 6
Japanese video-games company made famous for it's Street Fighting games such as SF2, SF3, SFZero/Alpha etc and it's much acclaimed horror survival game Resident Evil/Bio-Hazard series.

They have also created Dino Crisis and Omnimusha series as well as creating exclusive Resident Evil series for Nintendo's Game Cube: Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 (Zero).
Capcom are veterans of the video-gaming industry.
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
18 16