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When its dark and you find an orifice and just go for it
Tash: Last night Justin just went for the stab in the dark

Caroline: Did we succeed

Tash: No he missed, and i still cant walk properly
by browntown6 June 24, 2010
Whilst chatting up a chick you intend to A-frame, pretend you are actually gay with another friend to increase the chance of double penetration. Actually works
Jared: Here is my boyfriend ?

Natasha: Wait your gay, now I am definately down for the both of you to penetrate me simultaneously.

The Joker: (Whispers in ear) I knew the Fakegay Tripleplay would work
by Browntown6 March 28, 2011
First you have be nailing a chick in the ass. Then you pull it out and put it in a tortilla and precede to recieve a BJ.
Tom: I just totally performed The Dirty Enchilada on that chick
Dale: Did she dig it ?
Tom: She did until she took a bite
by Browntown6 November 15, 2009
When you are nailin a chick and you yell out "Victory" Johnny Drama style.
Lachlan: I am going over to her house for a victory fuck.

Dale: Do it proud bro.
by browntown6 June 21, 2010
Whilst performing oral sex with a female, adding some of your favourite alcoholic beverage to jazz things up
Dale: How was your weekend ?

Jane: You wouldn't believe what happened to me

Dale: Snatch Cocktail?

Jane: Yeah, its going to be a thing soon
by browntown6 June 23, 2010
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