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adj. on the left side.
"Ow! I just jammed my leftern knee into that car."

"Don't ask me how, but I managed to hit my leftern hand into a wall on my right."
by Brownsvillegirl November 11, 2005
adj. mad hot
n. mad hottie
"Whoa! Hotcha skirt."
"My teacher's a hotcha!"
by BrownsvilleGirl March 01, 2005
real beanbag: that comfortable thing laying around that you just fall into when ever you want that molds itself to suit you.

sexual beanbag: a person who does that exact same thing.
"She does everything he wants--she's his sexual beanbag."
by BrownsvilleGirl April 06, 2005
adj. on the right side.
"You can find my book in the rightern drawer."

"Stop knocking your rightern elbow into me!"
by Brownsvillegirl November 11, 2005
noun: an intense desire to give up your figure for nine months so that you can bring a child into the world who you will love, cherish, have lots of stress over, and get ugly veins in your legs from.
"I got hit with baby-itch so bad today that I bought a diaper bag to put away...just in case, y'know, just in case."
by BrownsvilleGirl April 11, 2005
Inflammation of the overuse of the period.
"The American Media suffers from a clear case of Periodusageitis."
by Brownsvillegirl May 22, 2005
adj. Not only huge in size, but unproportionately big.
Common usage: Humonganoid eyes. This is because the term "big eyes" does not do justice to eyes that are so big they seem unproportionate to a person's face.
"And then the baby looked at me with her humonganoid eyes and there was nothing I could do but eat up her cheeks."
by BrownsvilleGirl March 01, 2005

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