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A light brown-dark brown skinned person from the asian subcontinent that receives American citizenship.
Typically owns and runs Subways, Dunkin donuts, gas stations, quick e marts, jewelry stands inside shopping malls, will NOT work for anyone but themselves including NO manual labor or any kind. Typically likes whites girls that love to swallow.

The term"brown" in the US is defined as an "indian" person, NOT the feather type, but the Dot type from slum dog millioinaire type shit or a pakistani, bangladesi, sri lankan or any shade of brown skinned person from the asian subcontinent.
Example #1:
Mary Jane Coleman: Lets goto Subway.
Raghav Jaykrishnamurthi Khan: Yes, my dad owns 22.
Mary Jane Coleman: Your such a brownerican RJ.

Example #2:

Hot white girl: Did you see RJ's new car?
Guy that wants hot girl but will never get her: Yea, RJ's dad bought it for him, hes such a Brownerican, typical daddys boy.

Hot white girl: Who cares, I like nice cars and like to swallow and RJ loves girls that swallow.
by brownlovespellover March 24, 2011
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