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A shirt that is brown in colour
Bob is wearing a brown shirt today.
by Brownie January 17, 2005
(beat them guts) poundin' your old ladies pussy
yo man! did you see that bitch....i'd love to beat them guts!
by brownie March 22, 2004
one who is perverted and bearded, mostly from poor Scandinavian countries like Denmark
you dirty nuxx!
by Brownie August 24, 2003
One who drives riced out mommy van,puts exhaust and rims on it. Including neon lighting and subwoofers inside a mommy van. And has a handicap sign on the lisence plate. He also resembles Beetle juice from the Howard Stern show
"HEY look there goes Van Wangus!!!!!"
by Brownie April 20, 2004
A drink made by Team B on a lonely night in North Wales which gives the drinker the feeling that he/she has been kicked in the balls
Let's have some concocksion! A kick in the balls
by Brownie August 21, 2004
This first originated from the mouth of the legendary jaymee. Can also be pronounced DOOOOOODSH or DOOSH. Often used as part of a greeting or farewell:
by brownie February 19, 2005
what u call yo man, when he acting like a punkbitch
im gonna fuck u up for acting like a punkbitch.
by BROWNIE October 05, 2004
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