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Madeline is the name of someone strong, loving, and absolutely beautiful. She generally has blond hair, blue eyes, and a personality that is not only sarcastic, but completely head strong in the best of ways. Her sarcasm is her mask, something she constantly hides behind until you've gotten close enough to really know her. Her eyes are the only way you'll catch her in a lie, when you really need to bug her she shies away from certain touch's.

She loves her friends abundantly, and they love her in return. Despite their differences, they always return to one another and remain as close as two pees in a pod. The Madeline loathes when her name is mispronounced, yet rarely corrects too many people. She generally just goes by Maddie.

She's the type of friend you'll have forever, regardless of the up's and downs. She's your best friend, your sister, and the girl you can lean on from now until the day you die.
That Girl reminds me entirely of Madeline
by browncrack November 27, 2010
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