1 definition by brown_skin_lady

first and foremost i would like to inform eveyone out ther that nizzle means NIGGER!! not friend or buddy but in fact NIGGER!! SO I WOULD LIKE TO WARN ALL OF YOU TO PLEASE USE THIS VERY SENSITIVE WORD WITH CARE!!! secondly I would like to tell all of the caucasians who have used this word that you are way out of line and to please step back into that very comfortable place that you have created for yourseleves. and last but not least nigga, nigger, nizzle, or any other form of the word does not mean AFRICAN-AMERICAN, but instead a stupid ignorant fool (don't believe me look it up your damn selves!!!!)
what's up my NIZZLE!! said one african- american to another!!

that's right we can say it to each other but nobody else can!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by brown_skin_lady June 22, 2004

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