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The floating odor found on an airplane, typically the odor emanating from the lavatories shortly after the dinner course served on a long flight.

German: Luft, air (from Middle High German, from Old High German) + Waft
Kevin: I don't like sitting in the last five rows of the airplane.
Chris: Why not?
Kevin: The luftwaftage from the toilets can get pretty bad.
by brown_ct January 18, 2009
Description for a woman who becomes obsessive and crazy over her wedding. Permutation of postal.

Crapwich, Amanda quite her job to plan her wedding. She is is going bridal.
by brown_ct March 13, 2007
Canada. ( Literally "Mexico of the North", used to irritate Canadians and Mexicans alike. )
Andrew: Where are the Olympics in 2010?
Rosie: In Vancouver in el Mexico del Norte.
by brown_ct February 22, 2010
A terd sandwich.

An euphemism for the slightly more offensive, "crap" or "shit"
Crapwich, not just for breakfast anymore.

Crapwich! I hate it when I make mistakes.
by brown_ct March 13, 2007
Slang. Verb. Imperative.

"Pass me a beer." usually of the inexpensive variety or specifically a Tecate.

From: Tecate (a mexican beer ) + me (first person pronoun)
Kevin: Tecateme
Chris: What kind? PBR or Miller?
Kevin: PBR.
by brown_ct July 10, 2009
The nasty or evil counterparts to twins, especially identical twins.
Greg: Wow, that girl looks exactly like the Wier twins.

Chris: She must be their evil triplet
by brown_ct May 09, 2010

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