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1. {adjective} - Reffering to being a bad ass mother fucker.
2. {proper noun} - Only the craziest UFC Fighter/savage monster on earth.
syn. savage, robot, crazy, beast
Yo dude, you went Mocha Joe Jackson on his ass.
by brown snoopy April 27, 2008
1. To capture or record something.
2. Often replacing any verbs at any time for no apparent reason. Point of this term is to confuse people with random use.
3. Short for "Capture" for video editors (Avid, FCP)

You dude, you ready to cap this video?

Yo, is the paper ready to cap in the printer?

Big rob just capped a 10 mile marathon... While playing conquer club at the same time.
by brown snoopy April 28, 2008

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