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Sex between a guy, and four (or more girls) girls. Or a girl and four (or more) guys.

Not an considered an orgy, because an orgy is equal or almost an equal amount of people of the opposite sexes. Or more then four people of the same sex.
Doug: My friend just called me, and apparently he had a moresome last night.
Tova: And you believe him?
Doug: Well, I normally wouldn't, but one of the girls involved called me to tell me about it too.
by Brown eyed Girl June 09, 2005
1) Similar to blue balls but for members of the female gender.

2) Sexual frustration.
Robin: Last night I was hooking up with a guy, and he gave me purple vagina, and then he refused to finish me off!
by Brown Eyed Girl May 25, 2005
Your location. Where you are.
Sarah: What's your 20?
Tova: I'm at home.
Sarah: Far out. Come over and chill.
by Brown Eyed Girl September 02, 2005
1) People who think their needs spiritually and/or religiously are more important then others around them, especially those who might need their help.

2) People who are self-centered it when it comes to spirituality or religion.

3) Also called spiritual masterbation.
Erica: I asked the advisors to helped me do shmirah, but they were to busy doing kiddush to be bothered.

Tova: I wish they would stop with their religious masterbation for once to actually do their job!
by Brown Eyed Girl June 06, 2005
a headie word for hotel.
yo, brah, we're going to get a hotey and have a rager! you in?
by brown eyed girl December 05, 2006
A comfortable relationship. Usually not a healthy relationship.
Charlie: Mike and his girlfriend have such a sweatpants relationship.
Will: Yeah, I know. they've broken up and gotten back together, at least ten times.
by Brown Eyed Girl May 29, 2005
A Modern Orthodox (Jewish) girl.
Similar to an O - girl, but wears pants or short sleeves.
Jon: I thought Tova was an O - girl, so how come she's wearing pants?
Randy: Tova is a MO - girl, they wear pants.
by Brown Eyed Girl May 25, 2005
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