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A Supposid right that for 160 years served as a ket component of the New Zealand democracy until it was robbed by that common bloodstained criminal hlene clark in the "name" of the war on terrorism
Fuck you Helen Clark if you further restrict the freedom of speech in New Zealand then the only criminal is you ya fucking bloodstained common criminal.
by Brother Number One July 24, 2005
abbr. for Member of Parliament in countrys with the Westminster system of Government
Paul Swain (nz) Alexander Downer (Au) Thabo Mbeki (SA), Paul Martin (CA) Jack Straw (UK)
by Brother Number One May 29, 2005
a website that pathetic attention-starved morons put there pics (often scantly clothed slappers and clean cut preppy fags) and profile onto so the world can rate "how cute they are) - how sick can these freaks get? get a REAL life you lameoids
sarah-jane put her pics
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
The sound made when an over pressurized object Bursts
by Brother Number One October 09, 2003
A Nation supposidly independant but in control of another
Afghanistan, Iraq
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
Doomsday, The Last Day.
31/12/99 was supposed to be the Zero Hour but the Christian FundaMENTALists who prophesiced this are all losers.
by Brother Number One October 03, 2003
1 - A Talentless and Fake type of "music" that stupid whiny hoes and fags listen to.

2 - Take Drugs such as E and Crank in pill form.
pop music is fag music

lets go pop sum E.
by Brother Number One June 27, 2003

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