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A Character off the popular TV Show the simpsons rumoured to be based on Paul Pfeiffer from the Wonder Years Bart Simpsons best friend and is a target by neslon, jimbo and kearney
milhouse van houten
by Brother Number One December 05, 2003
See Also prep, slapper, chav, trendy, fashionista: Mindless losers who are sheep and follow the flock mindlessly just to fit in and be accepted, The Average Townie is easily manipulated by others or Imperialist Media which is robbing people of there individuality and dictating what is cool see mtv, c4 and juice tv

The Average Townie is aged between 11 and 29 but can be much older or more alarmingly much younger. They loiter in groups of no less than 3 and can be found loitering at Te Aro park or Odlin Square drinking cheap cider and RTDs. If the townie is old enough he/she is usually seen in "rough cunt" nightclubs such as The Lab or Rain.

The MALE Townie is obsessed with his car - usually a late model Mazda RX or Subaru -, and often drives it at rediculously high speeds (usually with his mates inside) without any regard for the safety of his passengers, other motorists, or pedestrians. The male townie (see also boyracer when he is not keeping a quiet street awake with his "burnouts", "donuts" and "drags" or potentially killing his passengers, anotehr motorist or an innocent padestrian often Shouts abuse at pedestrians from there windows as they drive by. The Male Townie is distingushable by a Hoodie, Lowrider Jeans, and Beanie and tries very hard to look like a skater when he is just another poser, more recently Male townies have been dressing up in white patterend shirts and Mohawks and passing themselves off as punks when they know they are nothing more than posers. He Generally listens to Rap, Poser Punk and Dance Music

The FEMALE Townie is obsessed with the way she looks - She easily stands out by wearing short (usually denim) skirts, (often with some b/s like "roxy" written on the arse") Knee High Boots, Tube Tops, Tops that are cut off at the shoulder and/or expose much of the back and cleavage in fact anything from supre, glassons or Number One Shoe Warehouse would do her well as she is in these stores more often than her house.In addition to these slutty clothes she also wears a latitude cap thus making her look like a fucking the chav fuck she is. She listens to shit assed radio stns such as the edge and ZM religiously and heavily digs R&b, Rap, Pop, Dance Music, in fact whatevers on the Top 40 at the moment.

Be Warned people - Townies are common bloodstained Criminals, they are the pestilence and like any disease they need to be eradicated.
JERRY: Hamish, Townie Scum down at the Lab, lets go smack em over.
HAMISH: Yeeup, just as soon as weve sorted out the townie scum down at rain, after that smack the ones over at Te Aro Park.
by Brother Number One August 22, 2005
A Term used to describe some young delinquent men from upper hutt who drive around in Holden HQs, Drink shitloads of DB Draught, Lion Red and other Cheap Beer as long as it comes in Flagons or 745ml Bottles, The Love 6 cylinder V8 engines, bands such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest, Old Metallica, and Motorhead, They wear Black Jerseys, Black Jeans and Doc martin Boots and occasionally a t-shirt of the forementioned band. Most of them have mullets but some of them just cant be arsed heading down to the barber for a haircut and often grow it to wherever it wants, a Few of them shave off there hair and are mistaken for skinheads.

drink outta tha 750ml bottle m8 or are u chickenshit?

Iron Maiden is the beast of all bands m8.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
a kiddie fiddlers best dream come true. Noted for turning our 8 year old girls into guttersluts
full house the most suckiest of suck ever made pre-reality TV
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
a trashy dressing drunken slapper frequently found in bars and nightclubs who pick up guys on the dance floor, shag them, then dump them the next morning, considered the great satan by the author
Kirsty Banks
by Brother Number One May 07, 2004
a young male, who drives around in a late model car - usu. his parents or brought off his parents credit card, blasting out limp bizkitt or rap music at 200,000db and wanting to race every motorist they see, often referred to as scum, spoilt brats, losers,
see those boyracers over there??? im guuna ram his car off the road - that spoilt fucker
by Brother Number One May 06, 2003
The New Name for Wellington, The Capital of New Zealand
The Beehive and Te-Papa Museam are the Icons of Helengrad
by Brother Number One October 03, 2003
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