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Upper Hutt, Wellington New Zealand
Wellington maybe the capital of New Zealand but one of its suburbs, Upper Hutt, is the Bogan Capital of New Zealand
by Brother Number One November 13, 2003
A cartoon within a cartoon - a short 30 second segment appearing on the Simpsons about a mouse (itchy) who kills a cat (scratchy) and in one episode Poochie (who was killed off and never allowed to return again under legal obligations) in the most violent ways possible. Itchy and scratchy are pretty much simpsons charecters in there own right but should also get ther eown show as a simpsons spin-off. Scratchy has been killed in hundreds of ways - Bazooka, Firecrackers, The Moon landing on him, a bride full of explosives, falling off the seattle needle etc etc...

Itchy is voiced by Dan Castallanetta (homer, mayor quimby...) and Scratchy Harry Shearer (Mr Burns, Smithers Dr. Hibbert Flanders, Wolfcastle etc...)
They fight
They bite
They fight, They bite, They fight
Fight Fight Fight
Bite Bite Bite
The Itchy and Scratchy show....Boom
by Brother Number One June 06, 2005
The funniest and most Coolest Show EVER made. its now in its 15th Season and garunteed to run until its 20th.
The Simpsons are the BEAST
by Brother Number One October 03, 2003
A Crappy TV Channel that plays only c(R)ap, No-Talent pop and Pouser-Rock while neglecting metal, if you like MTV Then UR Gay
MTV Is full of attention-starved freaks, and a waste of TV Space
by Brother Number One October 26, 2003
The Red Light district of Auckland
see that bitch who came outta glassons?? she dresses like a prof. hooker from K'Road
by Brother Number One October 21, 2003
an exclamaition of anger, annoyance, error etc. orig. c.1990
PERSON ONE: fraid so infinity + 1
PERSON 2: D'oh
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
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