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recommended name for police officers
"oi jason, the piggies are here, quick hide the plants dude, hide the fucken plants man"
by Brother Number One May 06, 2003
The funny dude who played The Father Paul hennessey from 8 Simple Rules. died 9/11/2003
threes company
8 simple rules

john will be remembered for his humour -now hes with Tupac - Respec'
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
1 - a certain even that sells all its tickets in a relatively quick period of time

2 - More commonly used to describe a person or music group (especially a metal or punk band) that quickly becomes popular and suddenly its original fan base turns away from them as the band has found a new niche market teenyboppers
1 - Tickets to the all blacks game sold out by noon

2 - Evanescene are now sell-outs. they now suck
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
a term used to describe a teetoller who wants to ban alcohol consumtion, The term originated in the early 1900s by hotel owners and patrons to describe members of the Womans Christian League in both Australia and New Zealand who campaigned for temperance and prohibition but narrowly failed in nurturing the latter in both countries.
Womans Christian League member: alcohol is evil we want it banned
Hotel Patron: just cos you woman arent allowed to drink in a hotel you cant ban it, you stupid bunch of wowsers
by Brother Number One May 05, 2004
Any plant of the Genis Nicotiana tobacum Lycopersicon of which produces a narcotic and extremely addictive affect when consumed usu. orally
Cheif Wiggum: Hey ralph be careful with thta tomacco plant

Ralph Wiggum: This stuff tastes like Grandma

Ralph Wiggum: I want More
by Brother Number One November 06, 2003
A Corner Shop noted for selling everything from ice creams, milk Sweets and Confectionary To Cigarettes, Newspapers and Magazines Usu. Run By Curry Muncher Immigrants from Fiji or India but the small minority of them are owned by White People
therea a dairy up the street
by Brother Number One October 10, 2003
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