109 definitions by brother number one

1 - Mother Id Love to Fuck

2 - Moro Islamic Liberation Front, An international terrorist group which operates out of the Phillipines with the goal of establishing an islamic state in the southern islands of Mindanao
1 - That lady is one hell of a MILF.

2 - The MILF hate the west, kidnap them then cut there heads off once Filipino troops find them and try to kill them.
by Brother Number One August 22, 2005
1 - Slang term for the drug methaqualude or simple quaaludes, a barbituate like Central Nervous depressant drug which causes clumsiness and fatigue, often used to treat insomnia and anxiety.

2 - "TO BE ON LUDES": Idiotical, Dull Minded, Dim-Witted, Stupid, Lacking intelligence, Feeble Minded.
1 - My doc recommended i take ludes for my insomnia, there illegal but TS.

2 - WTF?? Are you on ludes mate? dont you know what im getting at? you cant even follow the simplist of instructions cant you?
by Brother Number One July 24, 2005
Mindless retarded 13-17 year old girls who dress like whores and listen to NStink, Backdoor Boys, Bebounce, Slutina, Bitchney, Bitchenys Whores etc etc....Need to be taken away forre-education then sent to the killing fields alongside there crappy top 40 pop groups.
My Neighbour Naomi
by Brother Number One November 15, 2003
Overlytolorant, Overly Devout Christian neighbour of Homer Simpson. A Widower since 2000, Has 2 sons todd and rodd. Ned works at the leftorium but only earns $27 more per week than Homer. Raised by Overly tolerant Beatnik Parents. Hated by Homer Simpsons and Overly annoying to Reverand Lovejoy. has a highly annoying but very funny catchphrase consisting of the overuse of 'Diddly' in just about every sentance.
FLANDERS: their not perfect but the lord says love thy neighbour
HOMER: shut up flanders
FLANDERS: Okily-dokily-doo.
by Brother Number One February 10, 2005
to describe any action where you smoke enough pot then order a pizza, especially if its at school during classtime
Were gunna spicoli at school today
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
the exploitation of young women by the mass media
films, music fashion etc etc...
by Brother Number One December 07, 2003
a supposid "Television Show" in which the "cast" are all 20 something attention-starved Mediawhores/fags who daddys pulled strings to get them on TV and get everything they want off Daddys Credit Card and desrved to be shot or stabbed in the base of the skull with my bamboo stick - Spoilt Brats need to die!!!
Reality TV is full of 20 somethings starving for attention - i need me 9mm Glock to shoot there asses off the face of the earth!!
by Brother Number One October 21, 2003
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