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109 definitions by brother number one

The Scum of the Earth - Pathetic Young woman aged between 12 and 29 who dress in sexually explicit clothes (mini skirts, knee boots), fuck one guy, dump him the next morning when shes sober, and move on to the next guy, These Bitches can be found at places such as Rain Bar, The Hut, The Grumpy Mole and Flashbacks - In fact any bar anywhere in the World, They are pathetic attention whores and are considered the archcriminal of the planet and need to be tied to the towbark of a pick up truck and driven around a rugby field until they expire, stoned to death with broken bricks, or tied to a goalpost and shot via firing squad.
Slutty - Kelly Howard that whore that hangs out at Flashbacks
by Brother Number One May 29, 2005
A peasant or servant.
Foolish minion bow down to me.
by Brother Number One March 30, 2004
a cambodian whos complextion is darker than others.
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
the indigenous folk of this proud country NEW ZEALAND.
by Brother Number One June 27, 2003