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Doomsday, The Last Day.
31/12/99 was supposed to be the Zero Hour but the Christian FundaMENTALists who prophesiced this are all losers.
by Brother Number One October 03, 2003
The latest Pestilence/Epidemic or Craze to hit young people.

The Scenesters have the most appalling style of dress.

- Footless Tights often worn under a ultra short denim skirt with a black belt to support it, often used to "disguise" the fact that she isnt really a floozy but really is.
- Latitude Cap
- Any top that reveals any part of the shoulder (usually bra strap), cleavage or mid-riff.
- Croppy hair (normally dyed black but often blonde)
- Barbie Doll/Plastic looking faces.

- Hair put up into a Mohawk, often died but sometimes is grown long thus the hair comes over the eyes.
- "anarchy" t-shirts or shirts.
- Leather Pants

The Scenesters grammar and spelling is often appalling thus has an appalling command of the english language (even worse than the scenesters cousins - the wigga). They use spelling and "oompaloompa language" as Hay Nigz, and "lyk OMG hes so SXC" i mean what the fuck is that? it aint english.

Scenesters like to think they are there own culture but they are in reality just another sub-class of the prep culture - as long as everybody else is doing it then they are in reality preps

Scenesters are scum, hang them all
by Brother Number One September 26, 2005
A really cheesy and annoying 80s pop group that made george michael a gaylord
wake me up befor eyou go-go is so gay.
by Brother Number One August 13, 2005
That retarded fool in the Red jumpsuit that hangs outside Starmart and the TAB on the Cnr of Courtaney Place and Tory St. Wellington NZ, Often if not always seen holding a miniature trophy demanding money from innocent passers by. Is reported to be IHC but is often under the Influence of Quaaludes AKA ludes hence his Nickname.
Ludes Dude was outside starmart this morning waving at the sky - he must be on the ludes, oh no maybe Acid.
by Brother Number One April 03, 2005
the Upper Hutt and Wellington Police Department
those dumb pigs gave me a ticket for not displaying my Rego
by Brother Number One October 15, 2003
1 - A Talentless and Fake type of "music" that stupid whiny hoes and fags listen to.

2 - Take Drugs such as E and Crank in pill form.
pop music is fag music

lets go pop sum E.
by Brother Number One June 27, 2003
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