1 definition by brother hilljack

What on Earth is a HillJack??

Hillbilly + Jack of all Trades = HillJack

The term HillJack refers to people who live in remote, rural, and somewhat mountainous regions of the United States (closely related to the people known as “Hillbillies” or “Rednecks”). A HillJack is competent at performing many skilled task (mostly manual labor), but is not the master of any one. The HillJack is described as an extremely proud American (somewhat backward and socially unsophisticated) who is willing to stand up for what He/She believes; never willing to compromise their integrity or values. HillJacks are a self reliant group who have been known to spend countless hours in pursuit of nature’s most prized creations: CATFISH, WHITE TAIL, and yes even a deer once in a while!
That hilljack ain't good for nothing but manual labor and catfishing!
by brother hilljack August 02, 2009

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