109 definitions by brother number one

The New Name for Wellington, The Capital of New Zealand
The Beehive and Te-Papa Museam are the Icons of Helengrad
by Brother Number One October 03, 2003
1 - the former iraqi infomation minister best known for his misrepresented remarks during the Iraqi wars of 2003.
da americans have been blowen all the way to hell, we are winning.
by Brother Number One June 27, 2003
The 52nd State of AMerica, Annexed 2 years after Afghanistan.
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
Teh Act of Killing all Trendy and Preppy People on earth by whatever means possible
cos everybody thinks the preps are everybodys little darlings, we may as well commit acts of prepocide against these slutty scumwhores and there trendfag boyfriends
by Brother Number One May 06, 2003
A lazy person, somebody who is idle - a slacker
- Phillips, quit reading that porno and get back to work you lollygagger
- The train and bus drivers are a bunch of lollygaggers
by Brother Number One November 30, 2005
corrupting (esp. our kids) with sexual content in films, and especially music.
Britney Spears, XXXTina, Holly Vallance
by Brother Number One December 08, 2003

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