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a toilet
i neeta go to the Bog
by Brother Number One November 07, 2003
A Leather clad greaser who rides a motorbike and works in a Garage. Is a tenant of the Cunninghams in the Popular 1970s sitcom Happy Days, Played by Henry Winkler
FONZ - Aye Mr C, Ill bring Chachi and Potsie around for Thanksgiving Dinner

HOWARD - Ok fonz, marion will cook the turkey, Joanie will peel the spuds and richie will get the Beer

FONZ - Ayee.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
the biggest waste of radio and TV Space since THE 1950S
Talentless bullshit
by Brother Number One November 03, 2003
The Spanish name for the indian hemp plant, of which is classed in the Sativa family. The leaves of this plant are used as a euphoric, anxiety, Stress and Violence reducing, appetite Increasing analgesic and anti nauseant. Has been used for spiritual, recreational and Sacramental substance for thousands of years.

Sadly in 1927 the Dangerous Drugs Act was passed by the new zealand parliament prohibiting its use because it was Bullied by The League of Nations to outlaw it. The act called for the total prohibition of hemp the non-intoxicating cousin of Marijuana which had been used in this country for 150 years as a fibre and Fuel source.

Sadly today because of hysteria, Xenophobic leaders, american bullying and lies this god-given plant remains illegal.

and jester your quote about tobacco addiction is misleading in everyway, You can only get hooked on tobacco from Marijuana if you mix the 2 together in one joint, having Marijuana by itself is actually a useful tobaco cessassion aid.
Lets go score some marijuana
by Brother Number One December 07, 2003
1 - One of the most popular and loved Characters from the Animated sitcom the simpsons runs the Kwik-E-Mart with his Brother Sanjay. Was a member of the barbershop quartet the bee sharps. He is currently married to Manjula and a proud father of Octuplets. Apu is voiced by hank azaria

2 - The Finnish word for "Help"
"Thank you pleae come again"
"he slept he stole, he was rude to the customers, still there goes the best damned employee a kwik e mart could get".

"apu, apu my car has broken down near Helsinki, apu please im late for work"
by Brother Number One June 06, 2005
short for Web-Log, an online diary.
by Brother Number One October 10, 2003
1 - Mother Id Love to Fuck

2 - Moro Islamic Liberation Front, An international terrorist group which operates out of the Phillipines with the goal of establishing an islamic state in the southern islands of Mindanao
1 - That lady is one hell of a MILF.

2 - The MILF hate the west, kidnap them then cut there heads off once Filipino troops find them and try to kill them.
by Brother Number One August 22, 2005

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