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109 definitions by brother number one

a slapper aged between 7 and 11
little jada is a tweenager, britney spears has corrupted her mind
by Brother Number One November 11, 2003
32 52

Term used to Describe a student attending Hutt International Boys School in Upper Hutt.
HIBS students are all rich snobby kids whos parents work as lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists. There sisters go to Chiltons.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
20 44
girls that should be beaten 20 times around the head with a club then stabbed 6 times in the back of the head with an extremely sharp bambo stick for being the slags they are. - see also slapper, skank, slag, and shore girl,
Death to All Boppers
by Brother Number One April 08, 2004
18 42
A bar and Pub in upper hutt wellington which is the beast to drink in before 8pm....then all the stupid assed slappers and preps come along and ruin your night
The Hut needs to be for Stoners, Hippies, Goths, Freaks, Skaters and Bogans Only...No Trendy Slappers or Preps allowed
by Brother Number One November 27, 2003
1 25
the practise of using medicinal herbal medicines in whatever form (smoking, drinking, eating)
PERSON 1: aye dood lets go for a 4/20
PERSON 2: Sure bro
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
7 31
A Pathetic day in the calander year. Its just a pathetic retarded exuse for young people to get totally pissed then have sex and get dumped the following morning/afternoon how lame can it get? also whats the point of it? its just another boring day ending and another boring day in the life starting.
ROB: Hey NYE was last night i got so drunk and i got with this chick, fucked her and she dumped me this afternoon cos she claimed she didnt remember getting with me, gutted man.
ME: yes...I feel for you bro about that chick but your point being bro....
ROB: C'mon man its New Years show some spirit.
ME: New Year sis just a crossover of another boring day in the life to another boring day in the life, heck, i may as well celebrat ethe crossover of June 16/17, Like that crossover December 31/January 1 is just another day, like the worlds gunna end, yeh right bruvva.
ROB: you get drunker than drunk on that day.
ME: I can get drunker than drunk on any ol day of the year, even September 3. New Years is no big deal man, Listent o paul McCartney and wings...Its just another day.
by Brother Number One June 05, 2005
32 57
A Slapper, Whore, Skank
Rochelle is a Chicken-Head
by Brother Number One November 07, 2003
14 41