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The process of Urinating in a Public Place - Named after NZ MP Dover Samuels' act of going for a peepee in a hotel alley
Fucking Oath theres no toilet for miles, im gunna burst, I must go for a Dover by that Tree.
by Brother Number One May 29, 2005
1 - a poisonous spider of the <i>Lactrodectus</i> found prdominantly in california.

2 - a kick ass acid/prog rock band from the UK in the late 60s/early 70s
1 - lay off the grapes, they found a black widow on one of them today.

2 - black widow where known for there songs - Come to the Sabbat, Sacrifice, Attack of the Demon and in ancient ways. Rock On \m/
by Brother Number One August 29, 2005
1 - to describe any situation wher ethe pigs come and steal your weed and arrest u for it

2 - a crappy pop group
1 - dude, got busted for possession, im in jail come bail me out bro.

2 - Busted Suck
by Brother Number One December 08, 2003
also slanties: a woman aged 12-29 who dresses like Britney Spears, a slapper
Wellington NZ is full of skanky immorral slanties
by Brother Number One December 07, 2003
someone who is lazy, idle, useless
MR BURNS: D'uh. that is the fattest lollygagger ive ever seen
SMITHERS: Oooh how he could gag my lolly
MR BURNS: That sounded kinds gay smithers

by Brother Number One September 28, 2005
Alongside Hannahs, Hellensteins - A Horrible Female Clothing Store where clothes that nobody would be caught dead wearing in Iran, Pakistan or Palentine are sold, Customers and Staff are referred to by the Aotearoa Revolutionary Brigades as Scum, Slappers, Prostitutes, Whores, Bitches, Preps, Skanks and oughta be stoned to death or tied to the back of a pick-up truck at WestpacTrsut stadium and driven around the stadium at hight speed until they expire and Every Single Glassons store in the entire country be burnt down or bombed by a suicide bomber - regardless of weather or not staff/customers are inside or outside the store
Glassons = The Whorehouse and Great Satan of the South Pacific
by Brother Number One October 21, 2003
A Pathetic day in the calander year. Its just a pathetic retarded exuse for young people to get totally pissed then have sex and get dumped the following morning/afternoon how lame can it get? also whats the point of it? its just another boring day ending and another boring day in the life starting.
ROB: Hey NYE was last night i got so drunk and i got with this chick, fucked her and she dumped me this afternoon cos she claimed she didnt remember getting with me, gutted man.
ME: yes...I feel for you bro about that chick but your point being bro....
ROB: C'mon man its New Years show some spirit.
ME: New Year sis just a crossover of another boring day in the life to another boring day in the life, heck, i may as well celebrat ethe crossover of June 16/17, Like that crossover December 31/January 1 is just another day, like the worlds gunna end, yeh right bruvva.
ROB: you get drunker than drunk on that day.
ME: I can get drunker than drunk on any ol day of the year, even September 3. New Years is no big deal man, Listent o paul McCartney and wings...Its just another day.
by Brother Number One June 05, 2005
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