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1)An attack and rescue force made up of Buffalos that fly hellicopters. Usualy in support of other animals and humanitarian efforts. They are known to operate in great secrect, and have never been confirmed.

2)Buffalos with hellicopter parts cyberneticaly graphed into thier body.
1 )thoes guys really fucked shit up, like the buffalo copterforce

2) buffalo copterforce, fucking shit up!
by brothelface October 11, 2011
1)The skates that have replaced lemmings legs as eveloution has progressed. Dr. Hanz Yodelenheimer has theroized that the shift from legs to skates happened sometime late in 2006. Though he is perplexed as to where they got the industrial grade graphite, or the ball bearings and suspension systems for them to work.( let alone how they successfuly integrated mechanical parts into their organic anatomy ) Besides having no legs, the only significant change to the lemming population has been the greater velocity.

2) Very fast skates, making someone unusually fast on the rink.
Shit! Did you see how fast she was going? She must have lemming skates.
by brothelface October 12, 2011
1)The appendage a gorilla uses to catch taradactle eggs and lemmings. It is excessivly large, sometimes up to 15 to 20 feet long, also very slimy. Commonly found in the rare cliff dwelling, red assed, sombrero wearing, Dirkka gorilla; who immigrate illeagly from Iraq to Canada.

2) An abnormally large tongue.
a)He used his gorilla tongue to lick an unclean woman from very far off.
by brothelface October 12, 2011
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