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3 definitions by brooksthepro

elite, 1337. The best anyone can do. Prime.
Someone does a sweet trick on a bike.

Response. "that shit was topnach!"
by brooksthepro November 10, 2006
5 4
Basically the same thing as saying Prime in any situation. Sick, Prime, dope, sweet, epic, awesome.
"Burger King's dollar menu is primealinda!"

"That car is so primealinda"
by brooksthepro November 10, 2006
1 1
A way of saying hello. Basically the exact same thing as saying "sup" to someone. But with an "it" at the end.
you walk by someone you know, when u pass by you say "sup it"
by Brooksthepro November 09, 2006
3 7