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The act of sqeezing out the resulting water from an "anal opener"...Therefore cleansing the colon with river or lake water or the like.
"I totally got an anal douche when I busted out the anal opener off the high dive!"
by brookie brooks August 26, 2006
A speed boat or the like, comprised of 99% dudes on any lake or river of the like, whereas they all proclaim there are a "assload" of hoes with them.
My friend Bo is on the river and owns the SS Sodimizer!
by brookie brooks August 26, 2006
similar to "can opener" maneuver off of the diving board, but landing directly in the ass, causing an extreme rush of water into the asshole.
While trying to show off my incredibly awesome dives, I accidently fell directly on my ass, creating an anal opener.
by brookie brooks August 22, 2006

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