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hummelstown is a small town next to hershey pa.
it is known to be mad boring for most people, until drugs come into the picture. you can catch most hummelstown kids/teens/adults under the influence of marijuana/coricidin/coke/alcohol/acid/shrooms/vikes/etc.
but anyway, if ur lookin for a place with mad fuckin retarded police who drive chargers and dont know what there doing, go to hummelstown.
if your looking for a place thats chill to smoke and drink and all that, but have absolutely nothing to do, go to hummelstown....
btw lower dump high school is a piece of shit and the faculty can go suck a big fat cock, which most might, cause there all fuckin faggots....enough said
p1: yo lets go to hummelstown so we can get fucked upp
p2: yeah then we can sit around and do nothing for a long time
p1,p2: yeyeyeyey!!
by brookebitch February 24, 2011

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