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40 definitions by brooke

Somone who is being mean, stupid, cruel, unsesible, and in other words, a complete idiot.
My brother was being a big pooty when he punched me.
by Brooke January 31, 2004
Courtney i fuckin hate you. not because i know you personally but for what you did not only to your husband and daughter but to his fans. you fucking killed him and you know damn right that you did! how can you live with yourself every day knowing that you left your baby daughter without a father and everyday you lie to her about how he died. if i was you i woudl kill MYSELF b/c i wouldnt be able to stand being a worthless lieing piece of shit liek you are. the only reason half your music did as well as it did is because kurt helped you write it and he was more talented then you were or will ever be. you killed him for the money, or maybe just because your an insane crack whore. either way, i fuckin hate you, and millions of people are still influenced today by his music, yet all of us are have been orphaned from the god of rock music because you had to be a fuckin bitch. burn in hell courtney.
RIP Kurt Cobain.. We love you and may you and your music never be forgotten

Frances..watch out..your mom's insane
by Brooke April 17, 2005
Hott...awsome actor n just an awesome Guy for my friend megan!!
Ashton is the best guy ever!
by Brooke September 15, 2004
jake's pj's and now ant's favorite day of the year and also time
god..i dont wanna be with them on 4/20 at 4:20 ..it's gonna be funny
by brooke March 30, 2003
something that you smoke to get high and forget what u did the last night
i saw jake pj and brooke smoking the weed yesturday...hahahahahahahareally
by brooke March 30, 2003
a time for people that dont smoke to go and see the people that smoke and make fun of them
lets go to jakes house and see how high they are today
by brooke March 30, 2003
An epidemic of those who are ENTIRELY too skinny for their own good!
Mary Kate Olsen DUH! hahaha
by Brooke April 26, 2005