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a blizzie is a blunt, rolled by a genious, thats hits perfectly, and gets you fucken retarted.
Hannah, you just rolled a great blizzie, I am so high I dont know my name.
by Brooke April 15, 2005
Created by Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly Shippers.
Wouldn't Orlilly be the cutest thing ever?
by Brooke April 11, 2005
I wave consisting of babies that crashes upon What's her face. It is announced by a tourist looking man.

This comes from an episode of Teen girl squad created by Strong Bad.
Teen Girl Squad Decemberween edition!
by brooke July 12, 2004
A close friend, a homie, a best friend.
"What's up whoody?"
"Me and My whoodys goin to the mall."
by bRoOkE November 29, 2003
On The Phone
one moment bastard im gamin'
by brooke May 02, 2003
A Korean form of martial arts with different coloured belts for different experience levels and stripes on said belts inbetween. Once you obtain a blue belt you must test for both stripes and belts, as opposed to just belt testing for lower levels.
I am currently a blue belt with a stripe in Tang Soo Doo.
by Brooke July 09, 2004
Drinking a half gallon of vodka, then puking and passing out.
1 Lets get a half gally tonight...
2 sounds like a party
1 I am so fucked up
2 I know man me too.
(here puking)
by Brooke April 21, 2004

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