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-Usually drinks Mountain Dew as a first choice for soda pop
-Usually are hypocrites and bigots
-Usually has relatives or themselves that drive drunk
-Usually eat bad foods with lots of sugar for future diabetes
-Watches Nascar
-Wears Wifebeaters
-Grew up lower class
-Shops at salvation Army
-Usually have bad teeth
-Listens to country music or southern rock
-Drives a broken down piece of shit truck
-Usually have bad hygiene
-Usually a common in sexual abuse or inbreeding
-Has no morals or manners
-Scams the gov. for 'foodstamps'
-Lives in a trailer or apartment complex full of different races
-Doesn't work or scams the government
-Shops at Walmart
-Eats at Buffets frequently
-Gets married early in life instead of waiting until after college like most
-Usually smokes either cigarettes or an illegal substance
-The Men usually wear ball caps frequently as a fashion accessory
-The women usually are overweight and wear hair pulled back in a pig tail and wears sweatshirts or t-shirts as a fashion accessory
-Nascar and church bigot rednecks vote Republican
-The Hard working Blue collar rednecks vote Democrat
-Usually breed early in captivity
-Usually the females are loud and obnoxious in which they think this makes them sexually attractive to the primitive male
-Usually knows of themselves or a family member who is in jail or has been in jail
-Males are primitively territorial over their primitive female
-Male gets child-like jealousies over white trash female hanging out with her friends and sometimes relatives.
-Males never smile too much especially being around other redneck males because of the feeling that the other primitive male might think he is gay or something like that so the males stereotypically look pissed off all the time.
-Female white trash give their kids kool-aid and pop to drink instead of tea, milk, and real fruit juice
-Female white trash love buying scratch off lottery tickets instead of food for children
-Male white trash blow money on Big screen tv's and pick-up truck add-ons instead of paying child support
-Female white trash like to purposely verbally push the wrong buttons to piss off the males so to entice the male to hit her so she can cry to her friends and then her friends tell her to leave him and she ends up going back with him to get attention
-Male white trash like to go to bars and drink to start fights due to lack of sexual tention
-Male white trash love to put patriotic flags on their pick-up trucks
-All love eagles, wolves, big dogs, NASCAR, guns, beer, trash in yard, and trash in their beds
Because Jolene was white trash, she purposely got pregnant at 17 to entrap Travis into marrying her. Thinking that when she has the baby and now she is married, her parents would treat her like a grow-up.
by brondo April 28, 2008

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