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its exclaimed by people making fun of other people online by telling them about their bad spelling. see example.
surfnaked0384: haha! u cunt speel
by brockish January 29, 2005
word exclaimd after witnessing some thing cool
aux=ck as you girlfriend masturbating
girl- hey can i suck your dick guy- freaking meow
by brockish January 29, 2005
sperm, or ejaculation sauce, or sex juice, cum, you get the picture, fucking spli
sally got a face full of spli last night.
by brockish January 28, 2005
semen and katie altman juice mixed to gether, made famous by holt palmer and alan tutt
whats with the dry spleenage on holts hoodie
by brockish January 28, 2005
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