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3 definitions by broad nation

waking up and pretending like you aren't hung over after a saturday night where you only got three hours of sleep, and you get right after it ... when you start to get'em you realize that you dont have champagne.... but you do have beer... so you make beer and orange juice and play a drinking game. you follow that up with some marijuana, an 8ft bong, a valuim, and some football.... make sure you have bacon ... GET'EM SUNDAY
-"wow im definitely not right from last night... oh man what should should we do?"
- "well i know its 9AM but let's start with some beer .. and weed .. and a valium.... GET'EM SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!"
by broad nation December 21, 2009
not in the butt
Girl: "Dude, what do you think you're doing?!?!?!?!? N.I.T.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by broad nation December 20, 2009
when being called a broad doesn't offend you, and you embrace it and all of its greatness ...
--" what up broads?!?!?!?"
--"hahahaha ... broad nation!!!"
by broad nation December 21, 2009