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Music Influenced Bro:
Short Hair, sometimes a rat tail is incorporated
Tight pants, or baggy cargo shorts, with a carabiner on the back belt loop
Most claim to be Straight Edge, and Vegan, but they usually are just liars
Inventors of HxC dancing
Listen to Grind, Thrash, Metal, etc.
Use the term Brutal, but spell it BROOTAL
Too scared to mosh with the punks
Often grab eachother in a homosexual fashion
Don't understand that the straight edge scene was created in the late 70's early 80's by hardcore PUNK bands, they think it was created by HARDCORE bands, quite a large difference.

A Bro Conversation:

Chad: Hey bro! I just got Animosity's new cd! It's effin BROOTAL! Wanna open all the doors and blast it while hardcore dancing?

Bro#2: YEAH BRO! Animals are for petting!

by broLUBZ April 18, 2009

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