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short for National Catholic Younth Convention, it is a covention in wich 20,000 catholic teens come together to celebrate there religion.
"man, i had a blast at ncyc!"
#catholic #teens #fun #inspirational #religious #convention
by britts-NAY December 21, 2009
1) Your best friend when your a lazy couch potato and do not want to make a real meal.

2) Something you eat 3 meals a day for weeks on end because you ran out of food

3) The best thing to happen to America
girl 1) yeah, Im on the Ramen Noodle diet

girl 2) huh?

girl 1) its great! I've already gained 5 pounds

girl 2) ....
#food #awesome #noodle #lazy #monkey
by britts-NAY January 30, 2010
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