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A prep is often considered an extremely rich ass hole who's purpose is to fluant there money. But in all actuality this isn't so.

First of all, preps are classy not flashy. A prep doesn't drive obnoxious cars like hummers and corvettes. Those are for the gatti and yuppies. That shows no class or style, but rather a cheap view of what is "cool". A prep drives cars that speak of his money, style, and practicality. For example, a nice and simple Toyota 4-Runner, new of course. Or a Mercedes, a volvo, or a nice sedan.

People who indulge in the cheap substitute for class, often want people to know "HEY I HAVE MONEY LOOK HERE" this scum and pathetic excuse for a wealthy person often grew up with little money or nothing. A trure prep understands that they are better, and smarter because they are the best. they don't act like it, they just are.

Secondly, preps are often highly educated but this doesn't nessecearly mean from the north or east. there are many great schools in the south and carolinas. A prep prepares for a life of sucess because they often deserve what they earn.

As I mentioned the terms, gatti and yuppie, One thought came to mind. NEW MONEY. these are people who win the lottery, all of a sudden get a pay raise, etc. This may make them rich. but in no way does it mean classy. Buying hollister, and Buckle products are a trashy alternative from Polo, Gap, Lacoste, Vineyard Vines, and J. Crew.

A preps parents raise them to be the top of the class, the most respectable of the bunch. Some people perceive this differently. Preps don't look down on or make fun of other social groups, they simply choose to forget about them. A true prep knows that these people don't mean anything. A preppy person honors themselves, their families, freinds. Everyone else is simply exsiting.
Look at that prep
Ya i heard he is going to a great school
He is a real gentlemen and a classy fellow
This is true
by britton clark August 28, 2007

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