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4 definitions by brittney boop

big breasts, nice, big boobs
my breasts are on that pamela swag
by brittney boop December 01, 2011
boop magick is a term brittney boop came up with...its whatever makes you cool, it has double meanings...it can be said after saying or doing something dope the magick that makes boop dope;)
i just got my nails done...boop magick or he loves that boop magick i got...
by brittney boop December 10, 2010
fabulous in a tooney world...
i had a booptabulous day darling
by BRITTNEY BOOP December 01, 2010
its ewww and ouch combined...usually i say eewwch when i've seen someone that looks ugly or a hot mess...a disaster,butterface
a girl just walks in and she looks like a butterface on wheels...BOOP says:eewwch

he doesnt have a car but hes tryna take me on a date? Double EEwwch!
by Brittney Boop December 01, 2011